The World's Best Snow Fluid Concentrate

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Since 2003, Showtime owner Christopher Weed has had another business...making it snow at shopping centers around the world.  From its humble beginnings at one shopping center, this business has grown to now produce annual nightly snow shows for dozens of shopping centers, events, theatrical productions, sports teams, resorts, black tie events, and more.

In 2007, Chris contracted with a chemist to develop the perfect snow fluid concentrate.  An ideal simulated snowfall looks realistic, with light fluffy flakes that fall naturally to the ground without leaving residue, damaging surfaces, or causing guests to cough.

This formula has been refined over the years, and we feel is the best snow fluid concentrate available anywhere.  We have used truckloads of this product all over the world, and the output meets our very exacting standards.

Works with all brands of snow machines.  1 gallon of concentrate is mixed with 4 gallons of distilled water to make 5 gallons of finished snow fluid.

Depending on the brand of machine, and the output settings, our typical output as shown in the sample videos, gives approximately 3 hours of snow output from 1 gallon of concentrate.  

This product is best for outdoor use.


Sample videos: